tomato mask

Tomato Juice Excellent Natural Mask for Oily and Acne Prone Skin.

 I’ve been testing out some more food masks as it is summer and there are some lovely ripe fruits and vegetables on offer. This is the best time to get into DIY natural remedies. I know it may sound weird … Continue Reading →

reused candle jar

Making Use of Empty Jars

  Since I’ve started experimenting with DIY mixtures and taking beauty inspiration from my kitchen cupboard, I also became more aware of reusing bottles, lids, candle jars etc. Sometimes I just need to mix a little aspirin or turmeric to … Continue Reading →

REN samples

REN samples first impression.

I had heard a lot about REN skincare ever since I started paying attention to the ingredients in skincare products. That is why I was excited when I saw a sample of three REN products in a magazine. Picking up … Continue Reading →

Garnier make up remover

Best Eye Make-up Remover For Sensitive Eyes! (Removes Even Waterproof Mascara!)

Over the years I must have tried hundreds of different eye make-up removers as  I have always been struggling to find the one that worked. I have very sensitive eyes and even the cleansers that are aimed for sensitive eyes … Continue Reading →

naked moisturiser

Excellent ‘naked’ Moisturiser for Dry and Sensitive Skin. Parabens and Alcohol Free!

In my quest to find a moisturiser, which is free from basically all the stuff that is not only unnecessary but is likely to cause irritation to my skin, I have come across ‘the naked skin’ moisturiser and here is … Continue Reading →

Stop picking

How to stop picking spots. My 5 tried and tested methods.

I used to be a compulsive picker for years. The problem was that I never knew I was. It was until I stayed with my best friend and saw her picking excessively every day for hours that I realised what … Continue Reading →