3 Ingredient (Guilt-Free) Chocolate Mousse!

We all know the feeling when you come home from a long day at work and all you do is want to put your feet up and treat yourself to something indulgent. Well, how about a chocolate mousse you can make yourself in less than 3 minutes, using no more than 3 ingredients, which is not only indulgent but healthy too! No excuses let’s do this!3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

I’ve made this for someone recently and they did not believe it didn’t involve milk chocolate! In fact, I got a strange concerning look as if to suggest I was eating dairy milk chocolate pudding! No no no there’s no milk or chocolate involved, yet you could clearly fool someone that there was! 3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

 Let me talk a little about the ingredients; (1) silken tofu is very creamy and delicate and is what gives this pudding its mouss-y consistency. I’ve tried making this with firm tofu once and although I liked the result, the consistency was much thicker and not as creamy. Use plain (2) cocoa powder not the one with added sugar (traditionally used to make hot chocolate) as this would defeat the object of a healthy treat. I tried using agave syrup but (3) date syrup is my absolute favourite in combination with chocolate. If you don’t have the syrup, you can simply soak and blend some dates for a home-made date syrup/paste. I also once mixed in a ripe banana which I loved but honestly speaking, the banana pretty much took over the chocolaty taste.  3Ingredient Chocolate Mousse


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  • That big strawberry popping out of chocolate bliss mountain is just adorable! I used to love silken tofu mousse, it’s one of the things I miss most since I realized I was sensitive to soy 🙁 There’s a brand that makes hemp tofu and I need to find it so I can make this again! Maybe we have unusual potatoes and melons over here, but we sadly don’t have date syrup so conveniently in a bottle. If I want date syrup I have to make my own or order it online! So I’ll trade you a purple potato for that bottle 🙂

    • pj says:

      Hello Natalie yes I know you and soy don’t get along. But luckily your genious can make a treat out of anything it seems, so no worries there. Oh that date syrup so fantastic I keep buying bottles and bottles of it. It’s also organic and only contains dates so pretty good and handy. I defo put this on our exchange list for you! 🙂

  • Mandy says:

    Oh, my! This looks SO decadent and I can’t believe it’s only three ingredients. I bet it’s rich and delicious. I almost picked up a bottle of date syrup the other day! Tofu is such a versatile ingredient – like Natalie said, silken tofu mousse is greatly missed in my house, too. ❤️

    • pj says:

      Thank you Mandy..I need these quick and easy treats it stops me from picking up rubbish on the way back from work.. these are such handy things to keep in the kitchen cupboard but I do understand tofu is a controversial subject some love it some hate it some avoid it and some can’t eat it.. This tastes nothing like tofu I wouldn’t eat it otherwise hehe…

  • Andrew says:

    I often make tofu scramble but never tried tofu as a sweet treat! Sounds simple enough and looks nice and creamy. Good idea Petra!

    • pj says:

      Thank You Andrew, it is very simple and you truly wouldn’t believe there’s no milk chocolate involved in this recipe! I really hope you try it. Thanks for your comment, and tofu scramble is great!

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