Apple Pie Chia Pudding

If you were only ever going to try one ‘superfood’ go for Chia seeds. The possibilities are truly endless and the nutritional properties are mindblowing! And to convince you even further, here is my guilt free ‘Apple Pie Chia Pudding’ recipe:

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Apples and cinammon go hand in hand but eating apple pie for breakfast wouldn’t keep you lean and healthy unless…you make this chia version! 

You can prepare it the night before and wake up to a delicious, low fat, but most of all nutritious parfait breakfast! Yes parfaits for breakfast that’s what I’m talking about! I tell you a secret, if you don’t have any chia seeds feel free to use oats instead! For more in depth benefits and uses of chia, read my chia post here.

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

The difference with this recipe is that you BLEND the apple and soak your chia in apple puree rather than in apple juice. This way you still get to keep all the fiber, which will also make it much more filling! The generous sprinkling of WHEATGERM acts as a crumble or a biscuit but without the calories and nasties. It really makes it taste like a pie, so please try and get some wheatgerm as it also balances the flavours perfectly.You can add 1tsp of syrup if you like it sweeter. I didn’t because I’m gradually cutting sugars and sweeteners out of my diet. This parfait would also make a perfect after dinner dessert x

You can read my tips on how to give up sugar addiction here

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  • I know this probably won’t surprise you, but I LOVE everything in that glass! I’m not sure we discussed them before, but I happen to be crazy for raisins! The soaking in apple puree thing is so smart, thick and creamy without milk 🙂 Sharing this on FB…you need to get an FB!

    • pj says:

      Hello Natalie! I know we’ve never discussed raisins haha I love them too! so sweet I use them in porridge and cakes instead of sugar too. I think I prefer my chia soaked in fruit puree or juice rather than mylk. It’s far more flavoursome that way! Glad you like it! Facebook oh my! maybe one day…thank you so much for sharing that’s so sweet of you! xxx

  • Simsh says:

    Apple Pie Chia Pudding I know what’s my breakfast tomorrow .. Thank you for the great recipe !!! Quick, easy, delicious xxxo

    • pj says:

      Thank you, it’s handy if you don’t have any mylk available and you don’t have to take the juicer out either. It really goes well with the wheatgerm that gives it the pie feel. Hope you like it x

  • Mandy says:

    This sounds delicious!!! We’re huge fans of chia seeds…especially as a pudding. Such a great idea to purée the apple! I’ll have to make this over the weekend! I know Willow would love it!!

    • pj says:

      Thank you Mandy.. I hope she will like it, the pureed apple is so comforting and sweet on its own..It makes a lovely dessert or breakfast..Thank you for letting me know x

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