Pretty in Purple Coleslaw!

I’m very easy when it comes to food, all I want is to satisfy my belly, excite my taste buds, nourish my cells and please my eyes, all without having to spend hours in the kitchen! This ‘Pretty in Purple … Continue Reading →

3 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse

3 Ingredient (Guilt-Free) Chocolate Mousse!

We all know the feeling when you come home from a long day at work and all you do is want to put your feet up and treat yourself to something indulgent. Well, how about a chocolate mousse you can … Continue Reading →

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

Apple Pie Chia Pudding

If you were only ever going to try one ‘superfood’ go for Chia seeds. The possibilities are truly endless and the nutritional properties are mindblowing! And to convince you even further, here is my guilt free ‘Apple Pie Chia Pudding’ … Continue Reading →

Low Fat Tropical Salsa and Rice

Low Fat Tropical Salsa and Rice Recipe

Summer is almost here and that means more fruit! I’m slowly replacing my hot meals with fresh salads, cold soups, nicecreams, breads and dips. This recipe for tropical salsa is my current favourite! Party in the mouth is how I’d … Continue Reading →

Spicy Yellow Split Pea Burger

Spicy Yellow Split Pea Burger

What if I said you could have a meal which is high in protein yet made of  plants, low in fat yet very satisfying, tasty yet affordable, and you can make it yourself using a chopping board and 1 large … Continue Reading →

Run out of milk?

Run Out Of Milk?

Ever woke up ready to make porridge but had no milk, or fancied pancakes but used your last drop of milk with you tea that morning? Or like me decide to make last minute bisccotti for Sunday evening munching but … Continue Reading →

vegan crackers recipe

The easiest vegan crackers recipe!

 I’m absolutely convinced that a healthy plant based diet doesn’t have to be expensive, in fact it can save you money!  However, this belief was somewhat challenged when I decided to organise a party and was politely reminded that savoury … Continue Reading →


Oatspiration Part 2 (baking, energy bars, granola, veggie burgers)

Honestly speaking I haven’t even realised how many uses of oats there are, well the ones I know of and that I use in my kitchen, until I started writing this ‘Oatspiration.’ I was never expected it to spread into two parts, but … Continue Reading →


“But OATS have no taste!” Allow me to challenge that!

I hear some of you say “oats are good but porridge is so bland and boring”! Say goodbye to porridge and say hello to overnight oats, oat cookies, blissballs, oat pancakes, oat cupcakes…! Here I hope to inspire you to … Continue Reading →



I like to think of myself as the kind of person that makes the most out of what she has. What I mean by this is, I like nothing more than having multiple use products, which also expands to food, … Continue Reading →