How to Eat and Stay Lean!

 If you suffer from bloating, slow digestion, discomfort after eating, maybe you’re finding it difficult to lose weight despite eating healthily, or you suspect intolerance to some foods, try introducing mono meals into your diet. 



What is a mono meal:

  • 1 type of food per meal

Why mono meals:

  • eating 1 type of food is easy on digestion 

 What are the benefits: 

  • 1. you give your digestion break 
  • 2. easy way of figuring out what foods are causing you discomfort/intolerance
  • 3. you gain deeper appreciation for food
  • 4. you’re unlikely to overeat on mono meals
  • 5. it helps you to stay lean

When should you eat mono meals:

  • this depends on how good or bad your digestion is
  • if you feel sluggish
  • if you overate the night before, make breakfast a mono meal
  • if you feel bloated throughout the day, try having a mono-meal of rice or potatoes for dinner


How many mono meals:

  • you can have 1 mono meal per day
  • you can eat only mono meals all day (e.g. eating only rice and nothing else the whole day)
  • you can even try a few days or even a week of eating only mono meals.. this is commonly known as doing “islands” e.g. doing “banana island” for a week means the only food you’ll eat that week will be bananas (it can be any type of fruit or starch, mangoes, rice, potatoes)

Common examples of mono meals:  

  • any 1 type of fruit for breakfast (bunch of bananas, melon, mangoes, …)
  • homemade banana “ice-cream” (blended frozen bananas)
  • baked potato wedges
  • mashed potatoes (no added butter or milk)
  • plain rice for lunch and/or dinner

What isn’t a mono meal:

  • fruit salads do not count as a mono meal unless it contains only 1 type of fruit
  • rice&peas doesn’t count as a mono meal
  • porridge cooked with milk is not a mono meal
  • potato wedges with ketchup don’t count as a mono meal 
  • do not add sugar, salt, sauces or dips to your mono meals, you’re trying to eat as clean as possible, adding salt would defeat the object especially if you’re trying to lose excess water and get rid of some puffiness



I eat only bananas most mornings and often I will have only baked potato wedges for dinner. Including mono meals into my diet has certainly played part in combating bloating and water retention. The more you try it the more attuned with your body you’ll become. Including mono meals in your diet will also improve your relationship with food as well as your digestion and appreciation for food! Saying so, in order to strive we need to follow a varied diet so please do not just live on mono meals! 


Have you tried eating mono meals? If so, what is your favourite mono meal?


  • Mono meals are the best!!! Especially mango mono meals <3 And watermelon is a favorite too! They make me appreciate fruit in a whole new way 🙂

    • pj says:

      Couldn’t agree more Natalie, Mango monomeals are pure bliss! I wish I could do that all year round. So true they really make you appreciate food in a whole way. Everyone should try it! Thank you x

  • Simona says:

    Mono meals ???? I never heard about this and it sounds great !!! I always say ‘Listen to your body ‘ but at first you have to allow your body to ‘speak’ and this is a great way how to do it . I started to eat bananas for breakfast as well and it seems like that’s all I need in the morning 🙂 thank you for the motivation xo

    • pj says:

      Thank you, Yes ‘Listen to your body’ approach would be ideal, however it is extremely difficult to reach that stage as our senses are constantly being overstimulated but as you said mono meals are a great start that is such a good point. Thank you! Bananas for breakfast are the best!hehe Have a great day xxx

  • Carla says:

    You just gave me an idea, what about pan fried bananas (no oil obviously) for breakfast…warm and comforting on a chilly morning. Like the opposite of nana ice cream

    • pj says:

      Absolutely! I eat bananas like that all throughout winter, I even juice apples and heat the juice up with a pinch of cinnamon, such a lovely comforting evening drink/snack… x

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