Low Fat Tropical Salsa and Rice Recipe

Summer is almost here and that means more fruit! I’m slowly replacing my hot meals with fresh salads, cold soups, nicecreams, breads and dips. This recipe for tropical salsa is my current favourite! Party in the mouth is how I’d describe it! On top of that, it’s low fat, juicy, flavoursome, tropical and can be used as a dip, topping or my favourite way is to mix it with a bowl of rice. 

Low Fat Tropical Salsa and Rice

You know me, I like my meals simple, easy to prepare yet nutritious, delicious and low in fat. The ingredients for this salsa contain only fresh produce and since tomato is technicaly a fruit it is a tasty fruity affair (almost).


I used to make this salsa to use as a topping for my spicy mexican toritllas and tacos which works great. However, lately I’ve been mixing this with plain steamed rice and I can’t get enough. Best tasting rice ever. So fresh and light!  If you’re not conviced about eating plenty of rice then please read The Starch solution and you might just change your opinion. 


Feel free to adjust the recipe and use more of what you like. I don’t eat avocadoes much but if you do, feel free to use them, although it won’t be as low in fat (yes good fat I know, but do you remember my 7 Reasons you’re not losing weight post?)


I reckon adding chopped red onion would take it to another level if you’re an onion lover (I’m not!). I also like to add some sweetcorn or mushrooms to the rice, depending on what I have available.  Cold rice works perfectly well. Give this a go, honestly the burst of flavours is unbelievable. 

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  • Andrew says:

    This looks so fresh and tasty I like how you mixed it with rice! Great summery dinner!

    • pj says:

      Hi Andrew, the addition of sweet fruit makes it so delicious, I’ve been eating this pretty much every day for the past month, simple and quilt-free just the way we like it! Thank you for your comment x

  • Simsh says:

    This was my dinner yesterday !!!! I tried to add pinapple to my rice and you are right , it tastes so delicious and fresh , great for light summer dinner . Thank you for the tip, I really enjoyed that . Love xo

    • pj says:

      oh wow i’m so pleased you tried it and enjoyed it! try it with mango too it’s even better haha I can’t get enough of this I’ve been eating it for weeks now and I still love it so much.. Thank you so much for letting me know x (I’m working on some chia recipes for you!)

  • The Vegan 8 says:

    This is so pretty Petra and I love that you added fruit! Such a wonderful idea and it’s so perfect for Summer. So bright and fresh and super simple, which of course I love!

    • pj says:

      Hello Brandi.. thank you so much, yes I love my fruit so much I tried mixing it with rice and it was the best rice ever for me so why not encourage other fruit bats to try it.. Your comment and compliment mean the world to me! thank you x

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