Avocado mask for dry skin (DIY)

I have been experimenting with DIY masks and I find this to be one of the best ones I’ve tried especially if you suffer from dry or irritated skin like I do particularly in winter months. Avocado is rich in skin loving vitamins … Continue Reading →


9 Uses of Rose Water

What They Say: Has antibacterial and antiseptic properties Helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles Helps maintain skin’s PH balance Great for dry as well as oily skin Tightens pores  What I Think & My Experience First thing I noticed is … Continue Reading →


Benefits of Turmeric Mask! Great for Blemish Prone Skin!

If you suffer from blemishes and breakouts I’m pretty sure you have tried putting all sorts of stuff on your face just as have I . The advantage of DIY masks is that they are generally on a cheap side, … Continue Reading →

banana mask

Banana Mask If You Want Smooth Moisturised Skin! (and can’t get hold of avocados)

So I’ve been on a fruit mask binge lately. I guess that’s the side-effect of summer! Surprising as it may be I’m not the only one and there are countless sites and blogs about natural face masks using fruits. As … Continue Reading →

tomato mask

Tomato Juice Excellent Natural Mask for Oily and Acne Prone Skin.

 I’ve been testing out some more food masks as it is summer and there are some lovely ripe fruits and vegetables on offer. This is the best time to get into DIY natural remedies. I know it may sound weird … Continue Reading →

reused candle jar

Making Use of Empty Jars

  Since I’ve started experimenting with DIY mixtures and taking beauty inspiration from my kitchen cupboard, I also became more aware of reusing bottles, lids, candle jars etc. Sometimes I just need to mix a little aspirin or turmeric to … Continue Reading →