your free personal nutritionist

Your Free Personal Nutritionist

So many vitamins, so many minerals, so many amino acids, so many foods, RDA, fats, carbs, sugar, if only there was a simple calculator which could tell us exactly what we are eating as well as what we are lacking. … Continue Reading →

how to eat and stay lean

How to Eat and Stay Lean!

 If you suffer from bloating, slow digestion, discomfort after eating, maybe you’re finding it difficult to lose weight despite eating healthily, or you suspect intolerance to some foods, try introducing mono meals into your diet.    What is a mono meal: 1 … Continue Reading →

Run out of milk?

Run Out Of Milk?

Ever woke up ready to make porridge but had no milk, or fancied pancakes but used your last drop of milk with you tea that morning? Or like me decide to make last minute bisccotti for Sunday evening munching but … Continue Reading →

reasons you're not losing weight

7 Reasons You’re NOT losing weight!

You can follow a plant based diet, yet losing weight could still be a struggle. Let me start by saying this, being a vegetarian or vegan isn’t synonymous with healthy! Ooops there I said it!  I say this because I’ve … Continue Reading →


How to Substitute Eggs in Baking

Following a plant based diet or vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all the foods that you used to eat, all you need to do is learn about replacing “animal ingredients” with plant based and you can still … Continue Reading →



I like to think of myself as the kind of person that makes the most out of what she has. What I mean by this is, I like nothing more than having multiple use products, which also expands to food, … Continue Reading →

giving up sugar

How to Give Up Sugar Addiction. My 7 Tried and Tested Methods.

White refined sugar has no nutritional value however, it is addictive, ever present and so so hard to give up. I don’t necessarily want to give up sugar completely I just want to give up the addiction, i.e., have some … Continue Reading →


Benefits and Uses of CHIA SEEDS

It’s fair to say that CHIA carries the status of a modern day “superfood” although it has been grown and used  in Latin America for centuries. What are the benefits of chia and more importantly how to incorporate chia into … Continue Reading →

face washing

Top 20 Skin Care Commandments

Here are some of the basic dos and don’ts that I try to follow in order to keep my skin healthy, spot free, balanced and youthful. Even though most of them are pretty obvious it is good to keep a … Continue Reading →

Stop picking

How to stop picking spots. My 5 tried and tested methods.

I used to be a compulsive picker for years. The problem was that I never knew I was. It was until I stayed with my best friend and saw her picking excessively every day for hours that I realised what … Continue Reading →