About Me


Hello, my name is Petra and I’ve been a plant based eater for 16 years. I started as a vegetarian and gradually became purely plant based.

Going from a former sugar addict, chocoholic, cheese obsessed, overweight person to a fit and healthy clean eater, I have created this website to help others by describing my experience in an honest way , things I’ve learnt, things I’ve struggled with, and most of all things that worked and helped me.

What’s more, choosing to follow a plant based diet is not just about food for me, it is about taking control over what I buy, what industry and corporations I do and do not support, the effects on the planet, animals, people, the environment, as well as being one with my body by listening and understanding what my body (ME) actually needs not forgetting the effects on mental well-being.

Feel free to connect with me, ask questions or just share your experiences.

Petra xxx

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