Your Free Personal Nutritionist

So many vitamins, so many minerals, so many amino acids, so many foods, RDA, fats, carbs, sugar, if only there was a simple calculator which could tell us exactly what we are eating as well as what we are lacking. Well, here’s one…


your free personal nutritionist 

CRONOMETER … If you haven’t signed up yet, do it NOW!

A Free Web Application For Tracking Your Nutrition & Health Data

It’s FREE on the desktop (the app costs a little) and once you log in your details such as height, weight, age you have your personalized nutrition calculator ready! It’s all confidential of course! 


I like to type in the meals I eat the most and see what nutrition I’m really getting! I was surprised to see that on plant-based diet my protein intake doesn’t get below 100% off the recommended daily allowance even without adding extra tofu to my meals. 

Another interesting finding for me was that I can get up to 50% of water from my plant-based meals which shows that eating plenty of plants (fruit and veg) keeps your body hydrated without  having to stress about your water intake. Yes still drink water just don’t stress about it! 

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